HTML Writer v2.0 now FREE
Posted: Sunday 5th November, 2017 | 11:1111
Web Viewer - License Change

Due to the demand for support of the Web Viewer application we have implemented a new licensing structure for the product. As the product was freeware, support was very limited. There has also been many companies from around the world wishing to deploy this application to their enterprise but could not do so as support was insufficient for their needs. We have also received various enquiries about other companies wishing to modify the application to meet their specific needs. Therefore, we have now updated the licensing for this product to accommodate all of these scenarios. Please see below the new licensing for Web Viewer.

Personal use with no supportFREE
Personal use with support£1 per user Buy Now
Business use with support£3 per userBuy Now
Developer License (includes source)£500 per developer*Contact Sales
Developer Support License£500 per developer per year*Contact Sales

All prices are quoted in GBP. Click here to access a currency converter.

Should you have any questions or wish to purchase any of the developer licensing, then please contact us.

Kind regards,
Adam Bent
Managing Director
ANB Software

Posted: Tuesday 30th March, 2010 | 06:33
New Product

.NET CF File Dialog replacement components for Windows Mobile developers.

Posted: Thursday 15th October, 2009 | 19:1010
introupe v2.3

introupe v2.3 full install is now available for download. This new installer includes all the prerequisites of introupe along with v2.3 of the system. It has also been updated based on customer feedback.

Click here to download.

Posted: Wednesday 22nd July, 2009 | 14:77
New Forum
A new forum has been created so that customers can support each other as well as request/suggest new features.

There are also development projects where you can volunteer to test the applications.

The forum is available at
Posted: Tuesday 24th February, 2009 | 10:22
ActivMan 2.0
AcitvMan 2.0 is now available. Please click here.
Posted: Thursday 16th October, 2008 | 13:1010
SchoolNET 30 day trial is now available. Please go to for instructions.
Posted: Wednesday 4th June, 2008 | 10:66
SchoolNET Online DEMO
SchoolNET online demo is now available. Please go to for instructions.
Posted: Friday 18th April, 2008 | 14:44
Web Viewer 1.1

ANB Software's Web Viewer 1.1 is now available. Please click here.

Posted: Thursday 10th January, 2008 | 13:11
MyJobs is now available. Please click here.
Posted: Monday 17th December, 2007 | 10:1212
HTML Writer Beta 6 released
HTML Writer Beta 6 is now available. Please click here.
Posted: Friday 9th November, 2007 | 12:1111
PDM Express
PDM Express is now available. Please click here.
Posted: Thursday 8th November, 2007 | 06:1111
EULA for Web Viewer
There has been concerns raised on various forums and websites about a section of the EULA for Web Viewer.

This EULA has been created to cover all our software. Therefore, it is not specific to Web Viewer. This software is very simply a tabbed browser. There are no other suspicious programs installed, nor ever will be. There is also no suspicious code performing anything that you do not wish. It is completely virus free, with no shareware, spyware, or any-ware in it. It does not send any information to anyone about what websites you have been to, nor access any information on your device (except what is actually required for the program to run). If anyone wishes to use other tabbed browsers then they are more than welcome to. This is quite simply a free tabbed browser for Windows Mobile devices. It will always remain free and free from spyware, adaware, and third party software.

Hopefully this will have reassured the users, and potential users, of Web Viewer.
Posted: Thursday 18th October, 2007 | 08:1010
AD User Import From SIMS.NET
AD User Import from SIMS.NET 2.4 is now available. Please click here.
Posted: Tuesday 3rd July, 2007 | 07:77
Application Installer 1.0
Application Installer is now available. Please click here.
Posted: Thursday 25th January, 2007 | 16:11

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