XMLBreeze .NET Library

Latest version: v1.1.23.11060

XMLBreeze is a .NET Framework library providing an easy mechanism for reading and writing XML files. Unlike other XML parsers, XMLBreeze reads and writes everything in one go. This library can be used in any .NET Framework application.


  • Create a new XML object with ease
  • Manipulate the XML object in memory
  • Write-out the entire XML file in one go
  • Parse an XML file into an XML object for easy manipulation and reading
  • Sample app included
  • Source code available

XMLBreeze Editor


// reading
XMLBreezeDocument doc = XMLBreeze.Load("c:\myfile.xml", false);
if (doc.RootNode != null)
    if (doc.RootNode.Attributes.Exists("window_state"))
        this.MainWindowState = (doc.RootNode.Attributes["window_state"] == "Maximized" ? FormWindowState.Maximized : FormWindowState.Normal);
    // read in options
    if (doc.RootNode.Nodes.Exists("Options"))
        XMLBreezeNode optionsNode = doc.RootNode.Nodes["Options"];
        if (optionsNode.Attributes.Exists("Theme"))
            int intVal = 0;
            Int32.TryParse(optionsNode.Attributes["Theme"], out intVal);
            this.Theme = (ThemeType)intVal;
            this.Theme = ThemeType.Light;
        if (optionsNode.Attributes.Exists("CheckForUpdateOnStartup"))
            this.CheckForUpdates = Convert.ToBoolean(optionsNode.Attributes["CheckForUpdateOnStartup"]);
            this.CheckForUpdates = true;

Take a look at the XMLBreeze support pages for more examples.


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