Application Installer


Application Installer

Reduce the time of deploying software across your network. Take the headache away from installing software on every PC.
Reduce time deploying software
Allow software to be used on any network PC without installing it first!

This program was designed and developed to assist Network Administrators in running software on any networked PC without them having to previously install it. This would then reduce the time of deploying software across their network.

This software has three elements to it: Difference, Config Editor, and Installer. The Difference element analyses a computer to see what has "changed" after a program has been installed and will output the results in various formats. The Config Editor is used to manually edit/create the config files that are used by the Installer. The Installer uses a config file to "setup" a workstation so that the program will execute successfully.

Please Note:
The Difference element is currently not available. In the meantime you can use Microsoft's SysDiff and output the results as an INF file and then manually convert them.


  • Specify registry changes
  • Register components (i.e. ActiveX objects)
  • Specify a user account to perform all these operations (i.e. administrator)
  • Copy files from one location to another (i.e. DLL files)
  • Execute a command line after successful "install"


Currently there are no plans to release a demonstration version. All information should be contained in these few pages, but you can email Sales if you have any question that is not answered here.

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